03 November 2019

OGS Membership

It's that time of year again, genealogical and family history society directors look optimistically, yet apprehensively, at the numbers as membership renewals arrive. It's no secret that many, not all, societies have membership numbers in decline. Ontario Ancestors, The Ontario Genealogical Society is one as is the UK Society of Genealogists — I'm a member of both — and BIFHSGO.

The OGS 2020 membership renewal season began on 1 November and has incentives to encourage renewal — and new membership — as well as a growing list of ongoing membership benefits. These include various discounts: a special low price for subscriptions to MyHeritage Library Edition, the UK's Family Tree Magazine and History Scotland magazine. There's more.

If you renew by 30 November there's an early bird prize draw.

Again this year under the "Grow Our Family" program if a member partners with someone who has not been a member during the past two years (2018 or 2019), they can each get a 2020 membership and BOTH will receive a 50% discount.

Also again this year if you qualify and would like to take advantage of the "Grow Our Family" program, but don't have someone to partner with, send me an email at john dot d dot reid at gmail dot com and I'll attempt to match you — first come first served. No guarantees.

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