28 November 2019

What should I ask Charlotte Gray?

Charlotte Gray:  credit Valberg Imaging
Tomorrow, Friday, I'll be at Carleton University to record an interview with award-winning biographer, writer of historical creative non-fiction, and Order of Canada member Charlotte Gray.

We'll be talking about her latest book, Murdered Midas: A Millionaire, His Gold Mine, and a Strange Death on an Island Paradise. I also want to delve into her background that led to becoming a journalist and author and how she deals with some of the challenges in her writing she has in common with those of us writing or attempting to write a family history.

Advice and suggestions for the interview welcome.

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Gail Benjafield said...

I hope you will ask her about growing up nr. Sheffield, the 'Socialist republic of South Yorkshire' where we once lived. Or about Bakewell tarts. In other words, the local history of the places she knew well, as much as about her ancestry.

Wonderful writer; we are lucky to count her among as as Canadian.

Gail B