02 November 2019

Findmypast weekly update

1801 Lancashire, Liverpool Census
Finding an 1801 census is unusual so the over 13,000 new and exclusive early census records, each with a transcript and original image and usually including first name, last name, occupation, street, ward and place, is special. Sadly there are no ages given.
The source is a manuscript document at the Athenaeum, Liverpool. Find background and statistical analysis in the document Liverpool in 1901: A manuscript return for the first National Census of Population by P. Laxton.

Cornwall Burials
Over 75,000 transcript records added covering 52 parishes across the Cornish peninsula means this title now has over 280,000 records covering over two hundred parishes. The transcripts are sourced from the Cornwall Family History Society.

Kent Burials
12,000 records added for Swanscombe municipal cemetery makes the county total over 2.4 million.

New Zealand, Women's Suffrage Petition
41,614 transcript records of those, men as well as women, who supported the women’s suffrage movement in New Zealand in the 1890s.

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