20 November 2019

Another Ethnicity Estimate Update at AncestryDNA

AncestryDNA is releasing new ethnicity estimates this week, updated from those released in August. Do you have updates?

My results are below along with the uncertainty range and the value from August in parenthesis.

England, Wales & Northwestern Europe 41%, range 40 - 52% (44%)
Ireland & Scotland 35%, range 5-35%  (34%)
European Jewish 20%. range 16 -23%, (19%)
Norway 4%, range 0 - 14%, (3%)

The present and previous are both well within the range of uncertainty.

I've no idea where in the family tree the Norwegian ancestry lies. Perhaps there's some truth to the story that an ancestor came with William the Conquerer in 1066 — probably rowing! If AncestryDNA painted chromosomes with ethnicity like 23andMe I'd at least know if it's on the maternal or paternal side.


Anonymous said...

Nah, John. The Norweigian is from the ravaging Vikings. I have the same results in mine. Cheers, BT

Flameseh? said...

Appears everyone gets a little Norwegian! No complaining mind you ;-)

Mine has "moved" or refined as follows:
Eng, Wales & N. Eur 84% (now 54%)
Ireland & Scotland 15% (now 27%)
Portugal 1% (now dropped)

New/added Germanic Europe 17%
Norway 2%

All the numbers seem reasonable (for what they are).
Larry Kettlewell

Anonymous said...

My husband and I each have the Norwegian "estimate." Absolutely no paper trail or hint in our very separate genealogies and DNA results anywhere. I predict the Norwegian estimate will disappear at the next update.

Unknown said...

I'm back where I started how ever many years ago that was. 49% English 49% German. 2% Sweden. Don't know where the Sweden comes from. I have a German grandmother on each side; an English grandfather on each side. Maybe someone sailed past Sweden.