26 February 2020

Alberta Legal History

The Legal Archives Society of Alberta is the central repository in Alberta for the study of law and society. LASA serves lawyers, judges, scholars, students, educators, genealogists, and the broader public by providing access to its collections. The Archive’s ability to preserve the memory of Alberta’s legal community relies on its collections, which include photographs, artifacts, films, archival documentation, books, and oral interviews of individuals who played a role in the development of the law in the province.

Under the Multimedia tab is a list of oral interviews, including those below available online.

Donald G. Bishop, Q.C.
Karen Gainer, Q.C.
The Hon. Mr. Justice Allan H. Wachowich
The Hon. John C. (Jack) Major, C.C., Q.C.
Virginia May, Q.C.
The Hon. Judge Sandra Hunt-McDonald
The Hon. Mr. Justice Moore
Edward S. Pipella, Q.C.
The Hon. Judge Brian C. Stevenson
The Hon. Mr. Justice Paul S. Chrumka
Edward M. Bredin, Q.C.
Robert L. D. Fenerty, Q.C.
(Dean) Wilbur F. Bowker, Q.C.
Edward M. Bredin, Q.C.
Robert L. D. Fenerty, Q.C.

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