22 February 2020

Findmypast Weekly Update; Surrey

Surrey Baptisms
Over 660,000 from across the county have been added. Each entry includes a transcript and a digitized copy of the original document, held by the Surrey County Council.
There are now 398 parishes with over 1.2 million records in total.

Surrey Marriages
Over 390,000 new Surrey marriage records have been released. As well as the betrothed couple's names, ages, and occupations, you can expect to find their fathers' names and occupations, and the names of any witnesses.
The total collection has 386 parishes with 1.19 million records.

Surrey Burials
Over 440,000 additions are made to these burial records. There are a total of 141 parishes with 506,899 records.

Find a complete list of the parishes in this collection with start and end years and the number of records for all three religious ceremonies. The parishes with records added are not specifically identified.

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