02 February 2020

Sunday Sundries

Miscellaneous items I found of interest during the week.

Behind The Headlines of History
New episodes of this podcast with Ancestry’s Brad Argent and genealogist Michala Hulme from Manchester Metropolitan University are posted weekly. They explore the hidden histories behind intriguing newspaper stories from the past, the latest being WWII Special – First Civilian Casualty and ‘Mend and Make Do’ in the Air.

New Brunswick Births for 1924
In the past week, the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick added 11,017 birth records for 1924 quickly followed by 497 late registration of birth records for the same year.

Find a Grave Updates
Ancestry updated their version of the Find A Grave databases: U.S. (148,768,351), Global (13,393,910), UK and Ireland (6,687,310), Canada (6,103,062), Australia and New Zealand (5,442,567), Germany, (688,049), Norway (158,176), Italy (148,121), Sweden (41,561),  Mexico (27,588).

The Ordnance Survey’s 1:500 Town Plans for Scotland
Hugely detailed town plans digitized and online from the National Library of Scotland. England and Wales are in the works.

George III's Collection of Military Maps

The curious case of Lord Lucan + 10 other mysterious disappearances from history
From History Extra

Heat Pump Proves to Be Economical Climate Remedy, Even in Ottawa

The treeness of the tree of historical trees of life
I do sometimes wonder about things people research!

50 Cognitive Biases in the Modern World

Thanks to this week's contributors
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Chuck Buckley said...

Heat Pump Carbon Free!
Contrary to William Nuttle's conclusions electricity does not come from ''the plug in the wall'. Electricity must come from some energy source- all of which have an imprint on the environment - even hydro-electric dams.