12 February 2020

Webinar:The Scots in Montreal and Quebec

A shoutout for BIFHSGO member Dr. Gillian Leitch who will present a free webinar for the Québec Genealogical eSociety on Thursday, 13 February at 7 pm ET.

The Scots have played an important role in the development and history of Quebec since the advent of British control of the region after 1759. This presentation will provide an overview of the settlement of the Scots in the province (with an emphasis on Montreal), the development of their own cultural institutions such as the Presbyterian Church, voluntary associations such as St. Andrew’s Societies, the Sons of Scotland, and sports clubs organizing curling, golf and shinty. There are a number of resources available to the family researcher, looking for information on their Scottish-Quebec ancestors. These will be discussed, including the use of private or associational archives such as the St. Andrew’s Society of Montreal.

Register here.

You may also be interested in her article on Saint Andrew's Societies in Canada.

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