05 February 2020

Ancestry's Path Forward

Counts of key words in
"Our Path Forward"
Ancestry president & chief executive officer Margo Georgiadis posted on the company blog Our Path Forward.

The main points:

Over 16 million people have DNA tested with Ancestry.
A slowdown in consumer demand across the entire DNA category over the last 18 months.
Difficult decisions (will) impact 6 percent of the workforce.
Focus and investment on core Family History business and the long-term opportunity with AncestryHealth™.

Comment: Taken together with the layoffs at 23andMe it's evident the heyday of growth of DNA testing is at an end. Ancestry is betting on the continuing revenue from core family history clients and potential in health and wellness service.

1 comment:

Barbara T said...

They are going to have to do more than they are doing now for the "core family historians" before they will win me back - in particular, either offer a better price for their memberships or, if they won't do that, at least good discounts to continuing supporters not just new members. It's time they recognized where their real customers are! (And that goes for all the other companies providing "services" to genealogists.)