16 February 2020

Sunday Sundries

Miscellaneous items I found of interest during the week.

A Colourful Week
You've likely heard about and tried the photo colourizing now available at MyHeritage. Seeing the transformation is startling, reminding of the film when Dorothy leaves monochrome Kansas and arrives in technicolour Oz.

Just as impressive was a post A Walk Through Time In Spitalfields by the Gentle Author. It blends pictures taken over a century ago with modern colour photos so that people of today co-exist in the same space with people of the past. Perhaps you've felt this kind of melding with history on a visit to a place where an ancestor lived.

Turns out the Irish have more Viking in them than Previously Thought

Don’t "just Google it"
An article from The Conversation based on a study of Australian students. The three suggestions for improved searching are applicable to us all:
1. Search for more than just isolated facts
2. Slow down
3. You’re in charge of the search, not Google.

Rise Doggerland!
Giant dams enclosing North Sea could protect millions from rising waters

This article reports on a proposal for dams between Scotland, Norway, France and England ‘a possible solution’ to the climate change-induced sea-level increase problem.
Is it a belated attempt to tie the UK to Europe? Could it be a covert Dutch plan to further extend the country's land area by reclaiming even more of the land flooded about 7,500 years ago?

Newspaper Workshop
Next Saturday I'll be in Victoria hoping to see some budding trees, and budding family historians when I give a workshop "Find Your Family History in Newspapers" for the Victoria Genealogical Society. I see it's fully subscribed and there's a waitlist.
While I'm away there may be some interruption to the regular flow of posts.

Black History Month — know this!

How I Create Multiple Backup Copies of Critical Information Stored in my Computers
Advice from Dick Eastman.

Past the Snow Peak😁
Climatologically we're past date with maximum snow depth on the ground in Ottawa. That occurs on 14 February with a depth of 31cm. The days are getting longer; the sun is getting higher in the sky. By the end of the month, as a long-term average, a third of the snowpack will have gone

Warming Stripes
On Monday I added this graphic to the left-hand side of the blog. It shows, intuitively, global warming trends, the annual average temperatures for Canada from 1901-2018 — https://showyourstripes.info/

Thanks to this week's contributors
Ann Burns, Anonymous, Barbara, Bryan Douglas Cook, BT, Celia Lewis, Dick Eastman, Jane Down, John McConkey, Mike Stapleton, Sophronia, S4Ottawa, Unknown.


Penny said...

Envy you -a trip to Victoria! Enjoy and hope there's milder weather. Do you have any comments on newspapersdotcom vs newspaperarchive? Tx.Penny

JDR said...

Hi Penny: Look at the newspapers offered. Do the locations and times covered by one and not the other match your interest? I find newspapers.com matches my Canadian interest better. Try newspaperarchive for free at LDS Family History Centres. If you Google the location and newspaper archive you may find a free site digitized by a local library or other organization.

Penny said...

Thanks John. I don't normally use subscription newspapers, but I will keep your suggestions in mind for any future uses. It seems that the date coverage vary across digitized collections. Sure do love that a lot of Canadian universities and public libraries are providing online access to newspapers. Tc Penny