28 February 2020

Ancestry announcements at RootsTech

New databases on Ancestry announced at RootsTech are:

"WWII Draft Cards: Today, we are excited to announce the completion of a multi-year project with the US National Archives & Records Administration to digitize all 36 million of the nation’s available WWII young men’s draft cards. A single card can be a very helpful starting point for new users beginning to build a family tree and can lead to more impactful discoveries due to the rich and unique details they often include, such as physical description, eye color, employer, next of kin, and even why someone was exempt from the draft.

New US and International Records: Additionally, coming in 2020, Ancestry will be releasing New York City Certificate Indexes for Birth, Marriage, and Death records (over 14 million records from 1862-1949). There are also nine state-wide digitization projects and we are unveiling new Naturalization records from six US states. On an international level, this year over 100 million new records will be added from national collections in Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Mexico, and Norway, including more than six million Mexico Catholic records and over 50 million France Census and Birth, Marriage and Death records."

Now available are:

New York, New York, Index to Death Certificates, 1862-1948 7,269,466 records
New York, New York, Index to Marriage Licenses, 1908-1910, 1938-1940    964,666 records
New York, New York, Index to Birth Certificates, 1866-1909     6,091,199 records


Rhône, France, Birth, Marriages and Death Registers, 1793-1917 (in French)    2,851,80records

Read the full announcement from the Ancestry blog.

Sadly we'll have to wait for news of any additions from the UK and Ireland or Canada.

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