04 February 2020

Immigration Anomolies

The Canada Year Book can keep someone interested in statistics amused for hours.
This graph shows the way immigration sunk to extremely low values during the 1930s and the first half of the 1940s, rebounding throughout the 1950s.
Through most of the period adult male and female immigration changed together.
One exception is for the period just after the war, accounted for by war brides, especially in 1946.
The other is the 1950s when adult male immigration was way above that for adult females. What caused that?


Lynda said...

My husband's father immigrated to Montreal in 1957. He rented room and board for two years before he could afford to bring the family over. In 1959 my husband, his brother and mother immigrated. I believe this was common for Italians, but I suspect it may have been typical of other nationalities as well.

Anonymous said...

I remember the Hungarian Revolution in 1956 when a lot of people were allowed into Canada. Perhaps that accounts for some of it.

Bev H said...

As a young teen ager in North Bay, I noted a fair number of young Italians on the North Bay streets. My neighbor was similar in Sault ste. marie. Worked for about 5 years and then went home for a semi-arranged marriage to a younger bride who returned with him to Canada! Good point on the Hungarian revolution!!