07 February 2020

Ballymena Canadians 1914-18

Biographical sketches of Canadians of Ballymena Irish origin who served with the CEF.

Names A-K
Names L-M
Names N-End


Carolyn Lumsden said...

What a fabulous record this is! Unfortunately it doesn’t help me, but must be tremendous for any descendants. I really appreciate your website, John.

Anonymous said...

John, reading some of that post really brought memories back for me. In 2016 I visited Ballymena, and a wonderful librarian there helped me locate the land which my Scullion family members had farmed, not far away. They had come to Canada quite late, in the 1806s, and had been findable on the tax records. Ballymena had been where one Scullion, a 3 X gr grampie of the Scullion family in Canada, had attested, and he later served in Canada with the British Army. It's clear from where the family settled that his advice to them helped them find a good place to settle.

In that trip I also visited Ahogill, close to where they farmed. Cheers, BT