01 February 2020

Internet Genealogy: Feb-Mar 2020

Masonic Records at Your Fingertips
Diane L. Richard looks at resources for North Carolina Masons

Obituaries in Family History Research
Joe Grandinetti offers online sources to help in searching for the deaths of your ancestors. Did you check out legacy.com for recent death announcements?

Our Ancestors' Agricultural Fairs
Sue Lisk looks at online sources for information on the agricultural fairs visited in bygone days.

The Days of Their Lives
Robbie Gorr examines sources for those important dates in the lives of our ancestors. A fun article that suggests simple ways to enhance a family history.

The Simple Grace of Everyday Objects
Sue Lisk suggests websites to help identify objects that played important roles in the lives of our families in years gone by. Following these risks leading you down a time-consuming rabbit hole.

REVIEW: A Street Near You
Tony Bandy looks at a new resource for researching World War I ancestors. A thorough review. Beware of bad information in the original record as I showed in this post last November.

Online European Archives for Family History Research
David A. Norris samples some of the many free, online resources available from European digital
collections. Another rabbit hole!

REVIEW: Writing Your Family Memoir with StoryTerrace
Tony Bandy looks at the StoryTerrace and their approach to capturing family history memories and producing a bespoke book. Two thousand dollars and up.

Don't Forget the Official Records in Your Search
Lynn Cassity looks at a collection that is a must for anyone researching the Union and Confederate Armies.

Net Notes
Internet Genealogy looks at websites and related news that are sure to be of interest.

Back Page
Dave Obee expresses his frustration with some family history terminology.

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