06 February 2020


I was contacted by Blink Films, a UK media company preparing a series for BBC-TV. They are interested in wartime evacuees to Canada. The poster below has print is too small to be readable, so find that text alongside.

Are you a wartime evacuee looking for someone from your past?

Did your evacuation separate you forever from a childhood friend or loved one?

Would you like to reunite with your host family or thank a teacher or special friend who supported you?

Are you looking for someone from This period who had a significant impact on your life?

Unforgotten is a new history format made by Blink Films for the BBC, focusing on the personal stories of ordinary people who were caught up in extraordinary events - and their quest to find the individual who helped them through.
Each episode follows individuals who each experienced a major event in living memory - for example, a natural disaster, riot, strike, war, wave of migration, health crisis or terror attack. We follow these individuals on a detective journey as they look for a long-lost friend, family member or significant stranger who helped them through this time or had a lasting impact on their life.

To find out more about the documentary series or to apply, please get in touch.

EMAIL: unforgotten@blinkfilmsuk.com or CALL: 0203 150 0777 and ask for the Unforgotten team

We look forward to hearing from you

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Jean said...

So. . . Not to be confused with the British crime detective fictional series of the same name, then.