14 March 2012

Ancestry adds Irish Probate and Marriage Licence Index

115,989 index records are now online through Ancestry for Dublin, Ireland, Probate Record and Marriage Licence Index, 1270-1858

"The vast majority of records in this database are index entries extracted from wills, letters of administration, acts of probate, marriage licenses, and other records within the Diocese of Dublin. These indexes were included as appendices to two volumes (the 26th and the 30th) of the Reports of the Deputy Keeper of the Public Records and Keeper of the State Papers in Ireland. These appendices were titled
Index to the Act or Grant Books, and to Original Wills, of the Diocese of Dublin to the year 1800.
An Index to the Act or Grant Books and Original Wills of the Diocese of Dublin from 1800 to 1858.
A note accompanying the second explains that “the following Index is a continuation of that published as an Appendix to the Twenty-sixth Report of the Deputy Keeper, which extended to the end of the year 1799. The present one reaches to the 9th January, 1858."

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