22 March 2012

Quick Internet tip

A few months ago I tried to log onto my Ottawa Public Library account and mis-typed the account number, pressed return and got an error message. Ever since when trying to log on I've been offered the erroneous number and have had to replace the 6 I mis-typed with a 5.

The other day I learned you can delete the offending offering by ensuring it's highlighted and pressing Ctrl-Del. It works for other things, perhaps you may have embarrassing search terms you want to delete such as happened the time you wanted to search for pork and by accident hit n rather than k.


Yolanda Presant said...

onmentep udstroI have been looking for a solution to this annoying problem for awhile. Thanks!

Barbara Barr-Haylock said...

Of all the things you learn in a genealogy blog -- this is great John. Thanks for the tip. It's been soooooooooooooooooo annoying!

Investment Solutions said...

It happened to me once, but thanks for the tip.