15 March 2012

Linda Reid presenter at Quinte OGS Branch

Next Saturday, 17 March 2012, sees Linda Reid speaking on Solving Genealogical Problems Using English Probate Records at Quinte OGS Branch's monthly meeting. .

Probate records (the calendars and the wills themselves) are a cost-effective way of expanding your family tree to the aunts, uncles and cousins of each generation as well as going both forwards and backwards in time. Case studies to identify the people named in wills from the pre-civil registration period to the present day illustrate solving a number of genealogical problems, including finding a daughter who "disappeared", identifying someone who died away from home, finding where someone was born abroad and identifying the father of an illegitimate child.
The meeting is at the usual location, Quinte West City Hall Library, 7 Creswell Drive, Trenton, Ontario starting at 1pm. Details at: Quinte OGS Branch 

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