20 March 2012

Legacy webinar: DNA Research for Genealogists: Beyond the Basics

Some of the best genealogy webinars are those organized by Geoff Rasmussen for Legacy Family Tree. They're free, even if you're not a Legacy user.

Coming up this Wednesday, 21 March, at 2pm EDT is DNA Research for Genealogists: Beyond the Basics presented by Ugo Perego. The blurb is:

Among the tens of thousand of individuals that have already experienced the novelty of genetic testing for ancestral or genealogical purposes, many are still wondering about the real benefits that such testing may bring to their family history repertoire. Few individuals may have given in to pressure by others, or simply for curiosity. Whether you have been already tested and are still wondering about what all those letters and numbers from your genetic genealogy report mean, or whether you are contemplating if DNA testing for family history is something for you, this lecture will offer you some online tools that are available to interpret your results and get the most out of your genetic testing. We will also focus on a few successful DNA genealogy cases and conclude with a description of consultation services available to those that think genetic genealogy is an exciting field, but fear it is too complex of a tool to them.
Register and find out about other Legacy webinars scheduled, at http://www.legacyfamilytree.com/webinars.asp

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Unknown said...

It turns out that the results of commercial ancestral DNA testing can be used to pinpoint where precisely ones medieval ancestors lived. The results of a Y-DNA test in the form of the people with whom one shares ancestry are a snapshot of ones ancestors medieval neighbours and since surnames can still be found concentrated in the area where they first arose they can be used to pinpoint a GENETIC HOMELAND, check out www.irishorigenes.com and also the Scottish and English Origenes websites.