02 March 2012

WDYTYA: Reba McEntire survey

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Cannuk said...

I appreciate these surveys. I would be interested in what people think are the main differences between the US and UK versions and which version they prefer. (Many of the UK versions are available on YouTube.)

Personally, I prefer the UK version because:
1. There is not as much product placement for Ancestry.com.
2. It is longer because BBC does not interrupt with so many commercials.
3. There is a slightly less superficial explanation of the history of the time on the UK version, although it is far from deep.
4. There are more varieties of history on the UK version. This may be an unfair comparison because the US is a much younger county. So much of US family history will inevitably involve slavery -- a very sad, painful topic, still. As a result, we have already had a number of episodes involving it. I'm not saying we shouldn't face up to it. We should. Still, it would be nice to have more variety in episodes.

Speaking of the UK version on YouTube, have you checked out the one with Alan Cumming? You know, he's the Scottish guy that introduces Masterpiece Mystery. You should! Wow!