25 March 2012

Birmingham, Children's Lives

Children's Lives is an exhibition that opened on Saturday at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery’s Gas Hall and runs to June 10.

Making a trip to Britain to see the display is prohibitively expensive, and one might in any case be discouraged from doing so by blatant bias in portraying the situation of children who came to Canada in BBC History magazine. Yet the exhibition is of broader scope.

According to information at: http://www.connectinghistories.org.uk/childrenslivesinfo.asp The Children's Lives project website will provide "a substantial digital presence which will echo the physical exhibition while also incorporating galleries of additional archival material" It is "presently UNDER CONSTRUCTION and will go live soon..."

There are also Children's Lives Blogs:
http://birminghamchildrenslives.wordpress.com is a series of blog entries by the project team allowing visitors to keep up with activities around the exhibition and website.
http://youngpeoplesarchive.wordpress.com is a blog written by the two school groups where they can communicate with each other, both within their own school and with the partner school, along with the project team at Birmingham Archives & Heritage.
A third blog will provide an historical aspect by recounting school days from the past.


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