18 March 2012

Genealogy fraud

There's something fascinating about rogues, those who perpetrate fraud in genealogy being no exception.

A recent post by Elizabeth Kipp on her travails over Horatio Gates Somerby's frauds in the Blake family, he also messed with Ottawa's Billings family, led me to a reprint from a 2001 issue of Family Chronicle magazine, Beware of Fraudulent Genealogies. Some are:

Gustave Anjou (1863-1942), Charles Henry Browning (1841-1923), Harriet Bainbridge De Salis (1829-1908), Brian Leese (1931-1989), Orra E. Monnette (1873-1936), Charles Arthur Hoppin (1866-), Frederick Adams Virkus (1879-1955), Horatio Gates Somerby (1805-1872), John S. Wurts (1876-1958),

In keeping with the nature of their work, no effort has been spared expended in ensuring the accuracy of the dates above.

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