31 March 2012

BIFHSGO website success

Family history society websites are a much used resource. My recent Genealogy Activity Survey found that 90% of Canadian respondents (84), which included many British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa members, had visited a genealogy society website in the past month.

A bit over a year ago I posted that BIFHSGO had established a new website using the same address, bifhsgo.ca. A year later let's look at how it's been received.

Visits per day increased from 103 for the first three months (April-June 2011) to an estimated 120 (Jan-Mar 2012).

There was a big bump in visits in connection with the BIFHSGO conference, 166 per day in August and September.

Alexa rankings increased from 7,145,992 globally on 14 April 2011, to 4,938,796 on 18 July, to 2,045,032 on 1 November and now ranks 1,160,345 globally. In Canada bifhsgo.ca ranks 19,869.

Congratulations are due to Susan Davis and Brian Glenn for their success in establishing, promoting and keeping the site fresh. 

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