24 March 2012

Manitoba probate records at FamilySearch.org

Almost lost in the flood of 230 record sets added to FamilySeach.org so far in March, mostly replacements for the IGI, are images of Manitoba Probate Records, 1871-1930. The over 800,000 browseable images are for the judicial districts named:
Central, Dauphin, Eastern, Manitoba, Northern, Southern, St. Boniface, Western.
Most contain Estate and Index files, except Northern which has no index files and Manitiba.

I'm not sure I quite got the hang of searching these records, but Manitoba appears to be a consolidation for all districts. It has Application book, Application book index and Registrars index. Starting with either index book will lead to a reference in the Application book giving the place and date of death, who dealt with the probate and when which may lead you to one of the other districts for the document details.

If I'm misleading please post a clarification as a comment.


Paul Jones said...

I had two surprises when I checked out these records. First, Winnipeg is not "Central" as I had supposed, but "Eastern". To figure this out I had gone to the Manitoba Archives site--which led to my second surprise. The Archives have the same indexes with type transcriptions and a much broader range of dates. Salutary lesson: Just because FamilySearch is digitizing their images doesn't mean that someone else hasn't already gone further toward making the same records accessible.

Yolanda Presant said...

Thanks for letting us know about this John!