07 March 2012

Interview with Katherine Borges of ISOGG

Thanks largely to Family Tree DNA genetic genealogy was prominent at WDYTYA Live. One of the speakers in the DNA theatre sponsored by FTDNA was Katherine Borges, the lively Director of the International Society of Genetic Genealogy.  I had a chance to record a brief interview (choose from here) for BIFHSGO with Katherine.
Here are links for some of the items she mentioned:
The Y-SNP tree is the Y-DNA Haplogroup Tree  which was just updated, on 4 March.
The YCC tree refers to the Y Chromosome Consortiuman academic group involved in a collaborative effort to study genetic variation on the human Y chromosome.
The exome is the part our DNA governing the operation of genes used in the synthesis of proteins, and so particularly significant for health. As the exome constitutes less than 2% of our DNA there is much information in the remainder of our DNA likely to be genealogically significant.
Phasing is the process of separating the autosomal data from a person into the portions that were contributed to that person by each of their parents. It may be used to reconstruct, or partially reconstruct, the DNA of a deceased or unknown parent if DNA analysis for several siblings or cousins is available.

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