30 March 2012

LAC budget cut 10%

Thanks to an anonymous contributor for the information that Thursday;s budget targets Library and Archives Canada for a budget cut of $3.5M in 2012-13. $6.6M in 2013-14 and $9.6M in 2014-15 and thereafter.

According to the LAC Report on Plans and Priorities for 2011-12 LAC's permanent spending authorities amount to $100 million. The budget means a long-term cut of approximately 10% implemented in three steps.

Six of the 14 components to the government's heritage portfolio are exempt from cuts, those being the national museums, gallery and the Canada Council for the Arts. Could the present LAC management direction, that the organization does not have the type of obvious public service role of those organizations, be behind the more draconian treatment of LAC?

One of the strategies the budget document claims Heritage will use is to "focus on funding that leverages contributions from partners." How will LAC do so, beyond existing initiatives such as "Lest We Forget?"

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Cannuk said...

If it simply partnering that is the issue, that could be easily solved with some creative thinking. LAC could be in partnership with genealogical societies for projects. For example our Victoria Genealogical Society has a number of them, especially Genealogy in the Classroom, where LAC would be welcome.

They could also partner with another ministry or large non-profit. How about Veterans Affairs, and CWGC in an Adopt a Grave program such as they have in Europe. High school kids choose a grave or name on a cenotaph and research that person's background and how (s)he died. The story is kept in a binder at the cemetery for viewing.

Unfortunately, I think that what this government really means is partnerships that will profit. $$$$. Step up Ancestry and Find My Past. Bet I know who'd come out best in that negotiation. Either way you and I will pay.