19 March 2012

A webinar on webinars

Saturday's OGS Ottawa Branch meeting was held at the Ottawa Central Archives, and also in Cardinal and the Toronto area. It was the branch's first effort to serve members through a members-only webinar, and appropriately the topic was genealogy webinars.
While I doubt anyone in the branch would claim it was entirely successful, there were several technical glitches, the message of Heather Oakley's presentation did mainly get through. She demonstrated parts of genealogy webinars from Ancestry, Legacy, technology webinars of interest to family historians, and mentioned the geneabloggers compilation of genealogy webinars, past and future, at: http://www.geneabloggers.com/geneawebinars-directory-upcoming-genealogy-webinars/
Congratulations to Ottawa Branch for taking the initiative.
The Branch's next presentation is by Susan Davis, BIFHSGO's Director of Communications. Perhaps the experience of presenting a webinar will encourage her to pursue the initiative for BIFHSGO members and presentations

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Mike More said...

Thanks, John. The problem arose when we showed live streaming presentations from the web. This overloaded the network link which had to download the presentation and simultaneously send it back out to the Live Meeting server. When we presented full screen video the remote attendees lost sound. Using smaller presentations reduced the problem, but we will advise future presenters about the limitation and suggest that video segments from the web be restricted. We'll also warn attendees if it may happen.