08 May 2013

25 Days To Go

Counting down the days to the official transfer of the 1921 Canadian census to Library and Archives Canada.
We learned on Saturday at the OGS Ottawa Branch Genealogy Day event that on arrival the census won't be placed immediately online, and it could be August until any of it is available. Further there is no indication of any partnerships being in place for indexing.
We've seen in the UK and US what's possible for an organization whose senior management shows leadership. By contrast, in the words of the old song "Manjana is good enough for me LAC." It all shows the emptiness of LAC's rhetoric about digitization and online service. If other peer organizations can do it why not LAC?

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Ellen Thorne Morris said...

I would like to index Newcastle Village in old Clarke Twp, Co. Durham, because is was my grandparents' home town. Is there a list for volunteers yet? Thanks, ETM