25 May 2013

Recent StepsToward LAC Renewal

Some encouraging actions are underway to set Library and Archives Canada on course to rectify the problems that have plagued it.

Heritage Minister James Moore announced the appointment of Hervé Déry as interim Librarian and Archivist. He also announced that a process for finding a replacement will be coming soon.

Respected Liberal MP Scott Simms ‏has submitted a motion to the Commons Heritage Committee to review the Hervé Déry appointment. As Déry, like his predecessor, is an economist Simms is likely looking to lay down a marker that the appointment can only be regarded as a caretaker, stop-gap. With the Conservative dominance Simms' motion, probably to be considered at a closed-door meeting of the committee on Monday, seems unlikely to be accepted.

Finally, on Friday the Canadian Library Association released a Joint Statement on Qualities of a Successful Librarian and Archivist of Canada, available at http://bit.ly/14JeiXn.

One of the 19 signatures to the statement was that of Shirley Sturdevant, President of the Ontario Genealogical Society. It's a good statement, no mean feat to get so many organizations to buy on. There are always compromises, it would have been even better with some mention of a role in partnering with and promoting the private/commercial heritage sector, and greater emphasis on digitization to promote Canada-wide service.

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