31 May 2013

Google Newspaper Tip

Google is giving greater prominence to its archives of digitized newspapers, including many Canadian newspapers, from  http://news.google.com/newspapers. This isn't new, it's mentioned in an article in the June/July Internet Genealogy. Lisa Louise Cooke, who will be speaking at this year's BIFHSGO conference, writes:

This web page puts the existing Google historic newspaper collection at your fingertips. Not only can you browse or search by title and alphabetically, but you'll also discover how many issues are included and the years they span.
Some of the larger Canadian collections are:

The Victoria Advocate30,974 issuesJul 2, 1824 - Aug 31, 2009
The Vancouver Sun5,010 issuesMay 1, 1920 - Feb 28, 1987
The Calgary Daily Herald7,750 issues, Sep 8, 1888 - Nov 5, 1948
The Calgary Herald11,686 issues, May 1, 1929 - Jan 10, 1987
Saskatoon Star-Phoenix11,048 issuesJul 4, 1851 - May 31, 1967
The Windsor Daily Star4,297 issues, Jul 31, 1935 - Nov 13, 1959
The Windsor Star, 7,505 issuesNov 13, 1959 - Dec 31, 1986
Ottawa Citizen15,925 issuesJul 30, 1820 - Nov 2, 1990
Montreal Daily Witness5,372 issuesNov 7, 1871 - Sep 13, 1976
The Montreal Gazette24,895 issuesJan 1, 1878 - Nov 20, 2006
Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph4,480 issues, Mar 29, 1935 - Dec 31, 1970
The Quebec Gazette4,930 issuesJan 12, 1775 - Nov 17, 1943.

There are many smaller collections, including ethnic newspapers like 

The Irish Canadian1,224 issues, Jan 21, 1863 - Dec 29, 1892.\

Thanks to Sandra Adams for the tip.


Glenn Wright said...

Thanks for the reminder that these newspapers are available. Folks should be aware that some of the dates are incorrect -- Victoria and Ottawa did NOT have newspapers in the 1820s or in the case of Saskatoon, the 1850s. Glad to know that more and more Canadian newspapers are searchable online in spite of the fact that there is no national strategy in place to digitize what we have.

Ellen Thorne Morris said...

Wonderful site, is there a database that sorts the papers by region or city? On one paper the first 5 pages of any month are shown, but only the 5 pages. Is this planned. It seems too easy to spot the "5 per month" of several newspapers