14 May 2013

Final Day for OGS 2014 Conference Presentation Proposals

What are you doing at the start of May 2014?  Do you have a fascinating presentation you've been longing to give but haven't quite got around to committing. May 15 is the last day for sending in proposals for the 2014 Ontario Genealogical Society conference, being held at Brock University. Don't hesitate; it's a great time of year to be in the Niagara area and you've got nearly a year to prepare.
I've heard of some excellent presentations being offered  but not nearly enough to fill in the program. Having served on several program committees I can tell you they're always looks for fresh topics and fresh faces; as well as welcoming the tried and true. Even if your talk doesn't fit one of the advertised themes don't worry. As long as the presentation would likely be of interest to Ontario genealogists it will be welcome.
There are more details on the conference at http://www.ogs.on.ca/ogsblog/?p=2874

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