10 May 2013

Anglican Radical Comment on Daniel Caron's Behaviour

Is the Anglican Diocese of New Westminster a hotbed of liberal extremism? It harbours the likes of Archivist Melanie Delva who has written to Heritage Minister James Moore, also from BC, and then made the letter public.

Ms Delva explains the impact of the loss of the NADP on the Diocesan archives but nevertheless would like to give credit for changes made necessary by the government financial situation. But the use of public money for Daniel Caron's personal Spanish lessons, an amount larger than her institutions total budget, has made that completely impossible.

Read the letter as part of this post on Bibliocracy.

Thanks to Gail Dever for the tip.


Delvatje said...

LOL - well, I've never been called an "Anglican Radical" or have it claimed as something needing to be "harbour[ed]" but I am choosing to take this as a compliment! ;)

Delvatje said...

LOL - well, I've never considered myself an "Anglican Radical" or considered myself "harbour[ed]" by my employers, but I will take all this as a compliment! ;)

SWLarsen said...

As an American transplanted Anglican who lives in the Diocese of New Westminster, apparently you don't have a dictionary John D. Reid. Otherwise, you would know the true meaning of 'radical' - a person who holds or follows strong convictions or extreme principles; extremist (dictionary.com). This drive-by labeling swipe at Ms. Delva is so un-Anglican. You give those of the Anglo-Catholic faith in our communion a bad name.

deacon steve said...

What silly nonsense, Melanie. All we can do is laugh at absurdity like this.

JDR said...

Unfortunately some people fail to appreciate a British sense of humour