05 May 2013

DNA Survey Results: Tests

A big thank you to the 36 people who responded to the survey posted here last Sunday. In response to the question "What was your overall level of satisfaction with the type of test or tests involved as far as utility for your genealogy? " 37 responses were very satisfied or satisfied, 4 were dissatisfied or very dissatisfied.


Eight people were very satisfied, 10 satisfied, and none dissatisfied nor very dissatisfied. Comment "established a Y-DNA match which confirmed that I had been researching the right family for 42 years, something that had been doubtful for a time", "YDNA test showed only one marker (out of 49) differed in one name study; Great result", "Found a second cousin through testing my brother's Y-DNA."
Four were very satisfied, two satisfied, and one each dissatisfied and very dissatisfied. Comment: "testing companies should dial back their rhetoric on expectations for finding relatives for those doing mtDNA"
Autosomal DNA
Eight were very satisfied, four satisfied, and one each dissatisfied and very dissatisfied.

As of May 3 FTDNA reported 473,227 records in its Y-DNA database and 158,866 mtDNA in its database. Given its small sample size the ratio of survey responses, Y to Mt, 18:8  is consistent.
Considering that autosomal tests have been available for a short time compared to Y and Mt there has been substantial adoption.
There is still a lack of understanding of the tests and their capabilities, frustration at the limitations of the database and their propriety nature.

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