17 May 2013

Interim Librarian and Archivist of Canada

According to news reports Hervé Déry, assistant deputy minister of policy and collaboration at LAC, is temporarily assuming the duties of Librarian and Archivist of Canada.

He will be somewhat known to the professional community as he participated in a Pan-Canadian Documentary Heritage Network (PCDHN) Forum last October.

He is quoted in February as saying "the library community is not concerned with the cuts to LAC ... the archivists were upset by the changes to programs and services and had marched in the streets."

Prior to joining LAC he was vice-president of the Public Service Commission. Here is a video, in French, with him giving remarks on generation Y and the Public Service. 

His training is as an economist. In a nearly 30 year career with the Public Service he has also worked in Fisheries and Oceans, Industry Canada, the Public Service School, and Public Works and Government Services Canada.

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Ann said...

Let's hope the "temporary" appointment means a real search is going on, but the video and background you make available suggest no qualifications whatsoever for the post.