20 May 2013


It exists. Here it is.

And that's all there is, aside from the generic privacy policy.

The domain was registered in September 2009, updated in August 2012, and expires this September unless renewed.

When I go to findmypast.co.uk an annoying popup informs I'm coming from the US and would I like to be redirected to findmypast.com.

Hello brightsolid ... Canada is an independent country, just as some in Scotland would like that country to be, and would appreciate being treated as such.

Canada is not an appendage to the US as seems to be brightsolid's misapprehension.

And how about offering some Canadian records!

Oh, we are Canadians, so that should read

How about offering some Canadian records, PLEASE!


Anonymous said...

You have that so right! Scotland is still talking about independence while Canada was never part of the US even though over here (in England) they say "America" and just assume it is all the same. You and your readers don't want to know what my reply is to "What's the difference?"
Although I live here I still proudly consider myself Canadian.

Elizabeth Lapointe said...

Hi, John,

I wrote to them last July asking them this very same question - what about Canada.

They did answer me, and they said “You should be pleased to know that we have a good amount of Canadian content waiting in the wings and are actively looking to secure more. Canadian family historians will be able to use findmypast.com both for research in the US and Overseas but also in Canada. These collections take time to acquire and nurture, and sometimes we can only move as fast as the authorities or the legislative framework, as well as our own internal pipeline, will allow.”

So who these authorities are, I do not know.

I told them that are people in this country who can help them answer any questions that they may have about the records - but no reply.

In fact, this is a problem that I have with the lack of Canadian records outside of the census and passenger lists. The records are there - but they are NOT being put online