01 May 2013

New Version of Ancestry UK Directories

Ancestry.co.uk continues to improve its OCR technology and we reap the benefit when they rescan originals. The latest improvement is now available, hundreds of directories in the UK, City and County Directories, 1766 - 1946 collection. Search from: http://ancstry.me/18c56xg
Many directories are included. For instance, for England there are: 13 directories for Cumberland from 1811 to 1929; 31 for Lancashire from 1766 to 1938; 15 for Norfolk from 1830 to 1933; 23 for London from 1677 (sic) to 1939.
For Scotland find 13 directories for Perthshire between 1837 and 1865; and for Wales 3 Glamorganshire (Cardiff) directories for 1893, 1897 and 1937.
There are a few miscellaneous directories in the collection: 1213-1874 Members of Parliament; 1898 Medical Directory (Britain and Ireland)  and; 1904 Kelly's Directory of Printers etc.

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Ellen Thorne Morris said...

Was looking up names in colonial MASSACHUSETTS and glad to see the many records BUT they offer a directory of US and UK places.
Since the colonialists brought their English town names to the new world how to tell the difference?