24 May 2013

The Ghost of LAC Past

A week after his tardy resignation will someone please remove the ghostly visage of the immediate past Librarian and Archivist of Canada from the organization website. The same goes for his listing in the Government Electronic Directory Services (GEDS), the directory of federal public servants.
UPDATE: The exorcist service was effective.


Anonymous said...

The picture and biography of the unlamented former Deputy Head finally disappeared from the LAC website late Thursday afternoon, though he is still in the employee directory. Although the rest of the world knew who the interim replacement was last week, the memo announcing this only went out to LAC staff this Wednesday - perhaps it had to go through Translation first!
The most recent news item on the website is not the departure of Dr. Caron (not worth a mention apparently), but the closing of the "Ontarion" Regional Record Centre, which opened nearly fifty years ago. A sign of LAC's lack of interest in preserving even government records.

Anonymous said...

A slight update: LAC website has corrected its news item to read "Ontario" ... But the centre is still going to close early next year. What will happen to records that are not retrieved by the departments concerned?