16 May 2013

Renew Ancestry at a Discount

Want to save? Is the Pope Argentinian? The following is from a regular reader:
My subscription to the worldwide edition of ancestry expired yesterday. Despite outdated credit card expiry info they were able to process the auto renew. I had tried twice to cancel. Because I use Chrome as my browser it only appeared to work and in fact didn't get through. I had no indication that it had not worked.
Anyway, I called and said that I was canceling because of the high price. The cancellation was processed.
I asked if there were any special deals available to loyal subscribers. Yes indeed. I renewed for $179.40 rather than the $299 they originally charged.
This is certainly worth a phone call at renewal time.
Thanks Ann (Dealmaker) Burns

1 comment:

Janie Best said...

My subscription ends on the 21st so I have just called and got the same deal. It is apparently called the Welcome Back deal.

I was also told that this deal ends today.

Thanks for the tip.