30 May 2013

Forthcoming Genealogy Books

Browsing through Amazon I came across the following books of direct genealogical interest to be published in the next few months:

How to Trace Your Family Tree: Discover and Record Your Personal Roots and Heritage: Everything from Accessing Archives and Public Record Offices to to Using the Internet [Hardcover] by Kathy Chater, 96 pages, Publisher: Lorenz Books (July 16 2013)
Offers accessible and clear advice on discovering your family's history in the UK, explaining the best research techniques, and the processes of tracing and finding ancestors. Unlock the secrets of your family heritage with this expert guide to geneology.

Advanced Genealogy Research Techniques [Paperback] by George G. Morgan and Drew Smith, 272 pages, Publisher: McGraw-Hill Osborne Media; 1st edition (September 13 2013)

Advanced Genealogy Research Techniques uses up-to-date and highly organized methods and techniques to show you how to find the elusive details to round out your genealogy research. You’ll get past the brick walls that have stumped you and see how to move beyond basic types of genealogy resources. The book covers a variety of software programs and specialized genealogy tools and shows you how to create an online genealogical research log to preserve data found and organize it in ways to help you understand what you’ve uncovered. Nearly every form of modern social networking is addresses as is using DNA records. This practical, in-depth guide provides the next level of detail for anyone who wants to expand beyond the beginner tactics and techniques.

  • Uses proven research methods to go deeper and uncover elusive details
  • Helps you to understand the details you uncover and keep track of data
  • Covers a variety of software programs and specialized genealogy tools
  • Offers multiple scenarios and examples to drive home the research methods explained
There are many others of local or specialist interest. Find them by searching amazon for genealogy and sorting by publication date.

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