Sunday, 18 March 2018

Adding to the Irish Records at Findmypast

The most recent additions to Findmypast are:

Irish Tontines Annuitants 1766-1789, over 153,000 (15,388?) results
Annuity statements, accounts of deaths, death certificates, and marriage certificates relating to the subscribers and nominees of the English tontine of 1789; the Irish tontines of 1773, 1775, and 1777; and the life annuities of 1766 to 1779.
Although the announcement claims over 153,000 results a search with nothing entered in the form, which usually provides a more exact figure, finds just 15,388!

Ireland, American Fenian Brotherhood 1864-1897, over 125,000 records.
The 125,001 search results are based on correspondence between members of the British Foreign Office regarding the activities of the American Fenian Brotherhood during the years from 1864 to 1897. Records include newspaper cuttings, letters, telegrams, lists of prisoners, and a number of photographs.
The newspaper cuttings are particularly interesting; reports on the Fenian raids show that spinning the news is not a new phenomenon.

Other Irish resources added are:

Church of Ireland Histories & Reference Guides, over 300 records from ‘The National Churches: The Church of Ireland (1892)’ and ‘Some Worthies of the Irish Church (1900)’.
Armagh Records & Registers, over 600 pages of the ‘Historical Memoirs of the City of Armagh for a Period of 1,375 years’.
Antrim Histories & Reference Guides, over 600 records from ‘A History of the Town of Belfast from the Earlier Times to the Close of the Eighteenth Century’.

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