Sunday, 25 March 2018

Deep Roots, Promising Future

Digging round for sources for my presentation at the Secret Lives conference I came across the website of the United Farmers of Alberta (UFA), a cooperative, and more particularly the United Farmer's Historical Society.

It has browse copies of the U.F.A. newspaper, 1922 to 1934; the UFA Co-operator, 1963 to 1967 and; the United Farmer, 1967 to 1984. Unfortunately they're not OCR'd and digitally searchable.
There's also a imaged copy of Deep Roots, Promising Future, by Gord Tolton, published in 2009 in celebration of UFA's centennial.

If you're into the history of farming (and ranching) in Alberta, and it's influence in the Province's development, Deep Roots, Promising Future will be of interest. Toward the end the book gets to be more like a celebration of the great and good UFA officials.

I found the earlier parts more interesting, especially the first section, the pre-1900 period, more relevant to my conference presentation, which starts out with a description of the development of the cooperative movement in the UK.

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