Sunday, 4 March 2018

Which DNA Company?

At Saturday's Ottawa DNA special interest group we asked for a show of hands by those who had autosomal DNA test results as to where they could be found. That meant they'd either tested there or transferred results.

There are surprises.
Despite having the largest number of clients globally Ancestry does not top the list. Many group participants had experience going back several years, before Ancestry entered the market. FTDNA has frequently been represented at local conferences. And AncestryDNA does not accept uploads from other companies unlike most others.
LivingDNA being on a par with 23andMe likely reflects their presence at the OGS Conference in Ottawa last year whereas 23andMe has never had a presence at a family history conference in Ottawa (or Canada?).
MyHeritage, which was at the 2017 OGS conference, trails. That will likely change as the improved capabilities of the company analysis become apparent.

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