Thursday, 22 March 2018

Two genetic genealogy success story videos

Genetic genealogy success stories are coming thick and fast.
Maurice Gleeson has posted the presentation Breaking down Brick Walls using Triangulation he gave at Genetic Genealogy Ireland (Belfast), sponsored by FamilyTreeDNA. He discusses his experience of "Messy Triangulation", working with shared autosomal matches which opened up a connection to Welsh nobility and British royalty.
If you use MyHeritage DNA have a look at the Legacy Family Tree webinar Hands-On with MyHeritage DNA by Geoff Rasmussen and Ran Snir, with an assist from Geoff's cousin, yet another story of connections made through DNA testing. And if you've autosomal test results from another company MyHeritage is still accepting uploads of results and the ability of make matches for free. The free bit may not last!

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