23 March 2018

Now we are 37 million?

On Thursday Statistics Canada posted that Canada's population on 1 January 2018 was 36,963,854. With the latest growth rate we should now be at 37 million—not as easy to celebrate in song as the 20 million Bobby Gimby used in 1967.
There will be adjustments as Stats Can used the 2011 census as the baseline, not the 2016 census.
People are living longer, the birth rate is shrinking and net migration is 220,000. It could easily be higher.
 According to Worldometer Canada's population <http://www.worldometers.info/world-population/canada-population/> declined from 30th globally in 1955 to 38th today and is projected at 46th in 2050.

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gail b said...

Canada is still a few million people short of the state of California.

Which makes me recall an email I received from someone in Britain years ago, saying I assume by the .ca on your email that you are from California. I had to tell him it was the tiny wee country of Canada, which apparently he had never even thought of.


Gail B in St. C.