Thursday, 1 March 2018

Your Genealogy Today: March/April 2018

Here are the contents of the issue from the company website. No comments as yet as my copy is delayed.

COVER STORY: Hints from Houdini 
Sue Lisk reveals five recommendations for fine-tuning your family history research techniques

Grave Understanding
Elizabeth Jones offers tips to assist you in your cemetery research at home and afar

Return to Your Sources
Joe Grandinetti revisits his Irish roots, but reminds us of the importance of reconnecting to our sources

Language & Genealogy
Gena Philibert-Ortega looks at the Gazetteer

Electricity and Family History
David A. Norris looks at some fresh angles to generate new power for your genealogical research

Do You Have Tar Heels in Your Family Tree?
Diane L. Richard looks at history and record idiosyncrasies you want to know about – Part 1

Family History With All the Trimmings
Sue Lisk suggests that following up on strange details you come across in your research may yield some tantalizing clues

Researching the Scots-Irish of 18th Century Virginia
David Joyce uses traditional research methods and DNA testing to prove his Scots-Irish ancestry

Genealogy & the Law
Judy G. Russell says: “Read the fine print in legal notices”

Genealogy Research: Then and Now
John Christopher Fine looks at how the passion of family history research can be passed down through the generations

The Back Page
Dave Obee suggests solving your genealogical puzzles is a never-ending pursuit

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Sophronia said...

As this appears to be a primarily US publication, although they have offices in Ajax, ON, I am wondering if someone who subscribes can tell me if it has enough Canadian and Worldwide (UK) content to be worth the price of a subscription.