Friday, 16 March 2018

Two additions to GGI Belfast 2018 on YouTube

In DNA, Clans & Monarchy, the most recent You-Tube post from Genetic Genealogy Ireland Belfast 2018, Brad Larkin explores the DNA of Irish Clans and Kings and, starting at about 28 minutes, what is known about the DNA of the Royal Houses of Britain. The focus is Y-DNA. You need to be well into the history to absorb the detail, especially where the presentation skips over and around slides.
In a single stream event it's good to have the speaker link back to previous presentations. Brad Larkin does that referring to James Irvine's presentation Y-DNA of a Scots-Irish Diaspora, the second new YouTube post.  The one-name study which is the basis is another case where the detail of the surname and variant lines is more than most need to know—the value is in learning from the techniques developed and employed should you choose to embark on the slippery slope of a one-name study.

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