Tuesday, 20 March 2018

MyHeritage DNA features in two of three Legacy webinars this week

Confused about results of genetic genealogy testing?
On Wednesday at 2 pm ET Ran Snir, Product Manager of MyHeritage DNA will give Legacy Family Tree Webinars' Geoff Rasmussen a guided tour through his personal ethnicity estimates, DNA matches and more. Free registration here.
On Friday at 2 pm ET Mike Mansfield, Director of Content Operations at MyHeritage, will give  a brief refresher of human genetics and review the different types of DNA tests available, with a focus on autosomal DNA tests. and look at genealogical problems solving with DNA results. Free registration here.
The focus in both will be on the MyHeritage product which is gaining ground in the the competitive genetic genealogy field, a tribute to rapidly advancing capability and marketing.
An example of the marketing, facilitated for MyHeritage DNA by the company acquisition of Legacy, is the webinar True Stories of Families Reunited Thanks to Genetic Genealogy telling the stories of favorite heartwarming reunions.
If these don't quite match your needs a search for genetic genealogy on YouTube returns 142 items posted just in the past month.

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