19 March 2018

Help determine priorities of the National Heritage Digitization Strategy

It's an easy seven step process. Please take five minutes to help ensure the genealogy community voice is heard. Complete a short anonymous National Heritage Digitization Strategy survey to help set its priorities.
Here's how and my recommended responses for those with genealogical interests.

Step 1: Open the survey form here.
Step 2: For the first question, on PUBLISHED MATERIAL, select Newspapers as the highest priority. Fill in the remainder as you wish.
Step 3: For the second question on ARCHIVAL MATERIAL, select Archival material of genealogical interest as the highest priority. Fill in the remainder as you wish.
Step 4: For the third question on FORMATS, select Textual documents as the highest priority followed by At-risk material, then Microfilm and microfiche. Fill in the remainder as you wish.
Step 5: In response to Why would you prioritize this material and these formats? respond Of most interest to my community.
Step 6: In response to the request for comments respond Give priority to material of widest interest.
Step 7: Compete the survey by selecting your role from the list given and click Submit.

The survey is open until April 6th, 2018 but don't hesitate - do it now. Thank you.


Lesley Anderson said...

How many of these surveys and discussion groups and advisory boards do they need to prioritize the NEWSPAPERS???!!

gail b said...

Done. Thanks for this, John. I wonder how much weight they will give to any of this, though.

Gail B in St. C.