Friday, 2 March 2018

Answering a Query: "Your Genealogy Today: March/April 2018"

My copy of the new Your Genealogy Today appeared in my mailbox today and having just read it I'm taking the opportunity to respond to the comment posted by Sophronia to the previous post.

As this appears to be a primarily US publication, although they have offices in Ajax, ON, I am wondering if someone who subscribes can tell me if it has enough Canadian and Worldwide (UK) content to be worth the price of a subscription.
Your Genealogy Today is from Canada-based and owned Moorshead Magazines. The staff is Canadian.
It is circulated widely in the US and major content is written by US authors. Ten of the 12 authors in this issue are US based, one in Canada, one Wales.
Of the two longest articles, US-authored, one is entirely on Irish research, the other includes sources for immigrant origin information which could be useful beyond North Carolina--the article's subject.
Some of the other content is generic, not country specific, such as articles on gazetteers, a humorous article on not buying books, and advice on finding information in legal notices in newspapers.
In any magazine it's rare that every article appeals as you read the table of contents. I might buy a magazine if I find an article or two appealing, then with it in hand go on to find interesting content in other articles where I didn't expect it.
Only you can judge whether the content is worth the price for you.  Give it a try. Pick up a copy at a newsstand, or perhaps your local public library has a subscription.

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Sophronia said...

Thanks so much John. I will certainly look for a copy and read it prior to subscribing, but I rarely see magazines like this available in Windsor, ON. Perhaps the library would be a better bet. It does concern me though that so many articles are written by US authors.