Monday, 26 March 2018

Irish Research: A Practical Guide

New in the Moorshead Magazine's Tracing Your Ancestors series, due for release 1 May, is a second publication from Maurice Gleeson.
The contents are:
How to find where your Irish ancestor came from; a strategic approach to finding records; census records (free online); civil registration records (free online – almost); church records (many online, many free); gravestone and burial records (Ireland specific websites, and global websites); wills and probate; land records; streets; schools; workhouses; newspapers; court records; military records; DNA testing as an additional genealogical tool and more!

While I've not seen it I've never known Maurice to disappoint!

The print edition, 68 pages, is $9.95 Cdn plus $4.50 Cdn shipping/handling. There's a PDF Edition at $8.50 Cdn.

You can order in advance direct from the publisher here.

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